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The Massage in Schools Association (MISA) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to supporting instructors of the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP). MISA EWNI is part of MISA International which has branches in over 30 countries around the world. Our members come from a range of professions, all dedicated to sharing the benefits of MISP. We provide support for MISP trainers, instructors and practitioners and share information with the public about this innovative approach to improving children’s health and wellbeing.

Massage in Schools in Action

MISP Training

Are you passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of children? Do you wish to find a practical application for your interest and skills?

By becoming an Instructor you’ll have valuable tools to help children to learn. The MISP uses the body’s natural relaxation and cognitive processes to help children become engaged in the learning process.

This two-day interactive Instructor’s training course (accredited by Edge Hill University until 2012) is part of a continuing professional development programme for teachers and children’s workforce staff. MISP is now a continuing professional development (CPD) short course for therapists accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). MISA is currently working on alliances with other higher education organisations.

The two-day, MISP Instructors’ training course is facilitated by an accredited MISP Trainer. MISP Trainers are experienced Instructors, who after successful application, have undergone further extensive training and assessment. They provide nationwide training courses and are part of the MISA organisation, forming our education sub–committee with ongoing support for MISA members.

The sixteen hours of MISP Instructor’s training includes the following:

  • History of the Massage in Schools Programme
  • Philosophy – mission statement and respect
  • Benefits of the Programme
  • MISP formal massage routine
  • Children’s temperaments and personalities
  • Nervous system
  • Hormones – oxytocin, adrenaline and cortisol
  • Children sensitive to touch
  • Hyperactivity / ADHD
  • Adapting the massage for children with special needs
  • Child development related to the MISP
  • Teaching skills
  • Review of the massage routine strokes
  • Massage and school subjects
  • Curriculum related positive touch activities
  • Marketing
  • Informing interested parties
  • Implementing massage in schools
  • Child protection
  • Observing the child
  • Studies and research
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Presenting certificates
  • Support and MISA

You will be given the first year’s membership of MISA and become a member on completion of your training. This will allow you to access the resources and support you need to become a proficient Instructor.

As a MISP Instructor you’ll be helping improve the wellbeing of children by using the MISP to:

  • Help children to develop a sense of belonging within a classroom setting
  • Encourage children to create positive relationships through active communication
  • Empower children to use clear, non-threatening, assertive language, raising their confidence and self-esteem
  • Give children an opportunity to learn about touch in a safe environment
  • Promote an environment that leads to reduced bullying and aggressive behaviour
  • Contribute to child’s enjoyment at school

If you are a therapist, please see Independent Instructor information which has relevant information for you to consider.

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