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What are 'Engage' Events?

Engage events are included in the ASK offer and are a series of inquiry into practice sessions intended to promote professional skills, knowledge, and professional collaboration.



ASK0159 - Assessing and Guiding Early Literacy Development

Thu, 10 Feb 2022 3:30 pm -5:00 pm
£ Included in ASK Offer

 This is a multi-session event. All sessions should be attended.

Session are aimed at EYFS to Year 2 to help teachers support children who have lost out on early literacy experiences due to the pandemic.




Session 1.

 Assessing and guiding to develop early reading behaviours

Before children can respond well they need to have in place knowledge of how books work and the language associated with that.  In this session learn about Concepts of Print- how to assess and how to teach for it

Thursday 10th February 2022

3.30pm - 5pm

Session 2

Assessing and guiding children who need additional support to develop phonic skills

Phonological awareness and letter knowledge are essential skills on which to build phonics learning. In this session, learn how to assess phonological awareness skills, letter knowledge, and early phonic writing skills.  Learn how to guide children to build sound awareness, and consider a small step approach to building blending skills


Thursday 17th March 2022

3.30pm - 5pm

Session 3

Guiding children to develop retelling, comprehension and reading fluency skills

Children need to learn to attend to meaning as they read.  Learn how to use simple narrative texts to develop effective reading behaviours that promote reading for meaning


Thursday 31st March 2022

3.30pm - 5pm

Session 4

Assessing and guiding early writing composition


Writing is a very complex task and some children need much more support to compose and transcribe simple messages.  This session will support you with an approach to share writing and develop the subskills required for successful early writing.


Thursday 28th April 2022

3.30pm - 5pm


ASK0149F - Attachment Awareness Training

Fri, 25 Feb 2022 9:00 am -3:30 pm
£ Included in ASK Offer

 Friday 25th February and Monday 28th February 2022, Attend All Days

Domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, a decline in parental mental health, post- natal depression, forced migration, and removal from the birth home can all cause trauma to children’s brains which result in attachment difficulties. Increasingly, many children and young people have social and emotional needs that go beyond what the majority of school staff has been trained to deal with. Many of these children underachieve in school. This training will help you to help them to access educational opportunities.

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