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ASK0148 - Supporting Positive Behaviours

Mon, 20 Sep 2021 9:00 am -3:30 pm
Included in ASK Memebrship, £95pp non-ASK members

Suitable for: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors, Inclusion Leads/SENCO’s, Pastoral Support


  • Stress and anxiety- how to explain what this is to children, to help their understanding.
  • Looking after our mental health with the 10 keys to happier living prevention strategies.
  • How to include relaxation techniques everyday in your busy classroom- for you and the children.
  • Creating a ‘panic attack’ coping plan.
  • Creating a ‘Stress Busting’ resource.
  • Sharing resources and best practise from schools.
  • Learning about self-regulation with ‘Zones of Regulation’ resources.


  • Improving school refusal and attendance.
  • Building a strong, resilient learner.
  • Creating a calm, happy environment where learning and understanding grows.
  • Improves relationships and behaviour, supporting the learning environment.
  • Resources to support relaxation, reducing panic or anxiety. 
  • Removes the barrier of anxiety to aid learning and concentration. 

ASK0146 - Challenging Times - Bitesize Resiliency Programme

Wed, 22 Sep 2021 3:45 pm -4:45 pm
Remotely Delivered by Zoom Session
£ Included in ASK Offer

Event Type : Multiple Events, Attend All

A resilience programme for NQTs, RQTs & those in school new to role . The programme is designed to support capacity to recover quickly, remain effective and maintain a good sense of wellbeing. Through these six weekly sessions we will explore how to reconnect with previous successes and strengths alongside learning new strategies and techniques for managing an ever changing world and supporting your own wellbeing.

The sessions will take place after school (3.45-4.45pm) via Zoom:

Wednesday 22th September 2021
Wednesday 29th September 2021
Wednesday 6th October 2021
Wednesday 13th October 2021
Wednesday 3rd November 2021
Wednesday 10th November 2021


ASK0147 - Protective Behaviours in the Classroom

Mon, 27 Sep 2021 9:00 am -3:30 pm
Included in ASK membership; £95pp non-ASK members

Suitable for: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors, Inclusion Leads/SENCO’s, Pastoral Support


  • Reviewing the themes and theoretical frameworks around Protective Behaviours.
  • Opportunities to discuss applications and practice with examples from schools.
  • Creating your own classroom PB Resources.
  • How to involve parents/carers with this approach.
  • Integrating PB’s into your creative/themed curriculum.


  • Children feel safe at school and know how to cope when they don’t feel safe.
  • Creating a classroom that supports and promotes positive mental health.
  • Resources to inform and guide teaching practice.
  • Information sharing to support family’s knowledge and understanding. 
  • Applying this approach into everyday learning experiences, linking with curriculum subjects. 

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