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ASK0158 - Evidence Into Impact

Thu, 07 Oct 2021 3:45 pm -5:15 pm
Remotely Delivered by Zoom Session
£ Included in ASK Offer

All sessions must be attended.

Across the school year, we are faced with many problems of practice, and bombarded with just as many potential solutions! The challenge is how you select the right solution, then translate and adapt it to make it work for your learners, in your context. The highest impact comes when we can collaborate as professional teams to innovate with potential solutions, exploring how they could work best for our learners. Herein lies the power of collaborative teacher inquiry…

‘Our central argument is that innovation floats on a sea of inquiry and that curiosity is a driver for change.’
Timberley, Kaser & Halbert (2014)

All sessions must be attended.

Sessions will be a blend of Zoom and face-to-face, and will all be 3.45pm-5.15pm

  • 7.10.2021 Zoom
  • 3.11.2021 Loatlands Primary School, NN14 2NJ, Kettering
  • 25.11.2021 Loatlands Primary School, NN14 2NJ,  Kettering
  • 9.2.2021 Zoom

This programme will take you on a journey from evidence through to impact, building your skills and expertise in collaborative teacher inquiry as a framework for enabling you to explore and solve problems of practice. Collaborative inquiry enables teacher teams can come together to examine their practice, to ask questions, to develop theories of action, to implement, evaluate and refine approaches designed to improve specific outcomes for learners.  

This course is suitable for teachers of any age-range. It will have the greatest impact where two teachers from the same school can attend and collaborate on a school-based inquiry.

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