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disengaged personIf a person is disengaged, their capacity to learn is profoundly impaired

Domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, a decline in parental mental health, post-natal depression, forced migration, or removal from the birth home can all cause trauma to children’s brains which result in attachment difficulties. Increasingly, many children and young people have social and emotional needs that go beyond what the majority of school staff has been trained to deal with.

The evidence suggests that a large proportion of children and young people affected by trauma underachieve.

To support schools in raising the life-chances of all pupils, our Systems Leaders, in collaborative with Virtual School, are rolling out a training programme. Our aim is to create Reconnect Attachment Aware School Leaders who can cascade vital information to all staff. Written by specialist leaders, social workers, early years and behaviour specialists, under the guidance of a clinical psychologist, these materials explore strategies to fully engage children and young people with trauma difficulties.

As this is funded by Northamptonshire ‘Virtual School’, there is no cost for the training or accompanying materials. We will train two people from each school as Reconnect Leaders. 

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